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  1. education

    Amman Arab the academy is a Jordanian researcher institute of
    higher education, located upon Jordan Street, Mubis-Amman. Amman Arab
    academic world (AAU) was founded in 1997 below the complex
    Education Council No. (1476) on 24/11/1997 as a non-profit
    private academic circles specialized in graduate studies below the herald Amman Arab
    academic circles for Graduate Studies, and thereby became the first academic world in Jordan that offers graduate programs
    leading to Master’s Degrees, and Doctoral Degrees. on 30/9/1998 the far along Education Council gave ascend
    for the university to start committed with the utter No.
    (1625). Academic operation started in the dawn of
    the Second Semester of the academic year 1999/2000.
    One of Jordanian Private Universites